C is for Car: A Vehicular Alphabet Book (Second Edition)


SECOND EDITION features new cars from Gulf Racing and Shelby!

Seems like all kids care about these days is constructing new Minecraft buildings on the iPads. Where is the love for cars that we all had growing up? That’s what “C is for Car” is all about!

Illustrator Scott Park has a unique style that captures the things that made us fall in love with cars in the first place. Co-writer & editor Glenn Oyoung helps put words to the amazing variety of the car world in terms his kids and yours will understand. Buy this book for your little gearheads and help pass on the love for all things automotive. Because you can’t lower an iPad, but you can lower a car.

Check out the sample pages from the book: A is for American, P is for Police car, and U is for Used. Seeeeee …besides the great illustration we’re teaching patriotism, a respect for law enforcement, and the value of being thrifty too!!!