R&E Art Ball 917 LM20 Gulf Chair (Made in France)


These chairs are the brainchild of two automotive designers in Le Mans. Mid-century modern aesthetic meets vintage motorsports passion. Sure to start a conversation or a dozen conversations, this is not just a chair it’s truly a piece of art. The Art Ball 917 LM20 Gulf was inspired by the legendary Porsche 917 from the movie “Le Mans” featuring Steve McQueen.

Exclusively distributed by Racing & Emotion USA on behalf of Racing & Emotion (R&E).

There are no decals or vinyl involved. Chairs made in our Le Mans, France workshop are additional and available on Racing-EmotionUSA.com.


Every Racing & Emotion item is not only the result of our lifelong passion for motorsports, but also of the lifelong pursuit of perfection that each and every member of our production team has in common. In this age of mass production and e-commerce, it is sometimes puzzling to those who come across our brand. People wonder why our chairs cost what they do. Simply put, they are not chairs to us – they are art. And each piece bears our heart and love for racing.